Dive Unknown

Despite the heightened heart beat
At every sight caught of the waves
Despite all the insane memories
Garnered with the gal-pals group
A stroll along the beach
A sunrise or a sunset
A munch through the crispies
Beaches — 101, as used to.
What lies beyond the sand?
What more is to this love affair?

And lay there another dimension,
Just further below the very sands,
The gentle caress of Virgin beach waves
That whispered to follow its lead
I peered through the glass
Except glass it wasn’t, when it rippled
And can waves be this gentle?
And sea take this hue when till?
Are my feet still set on the Indian Ocean?
Awe at the brilliance of nature untouched
Longingly ponder ‘Why not back home?’
Hopping along more beaches on the bay
Jemeluk, Tulamben, Lipah…
All different names as they say
Beauty as constant, beheld all the way

Pursuant of the whispering call,
With the scuba gear
And nerves on verge of tear
An apparition into the Deep Blue
Of citizenry that spare not a blink
At the hordes of floating aliens
Mindful of self-preservation at unknown
Yet unaware of self at the same time
When beauty threatens to blind
And silence menaces to deafen

Speechless, when back into the known
That’s a loss of all the senses
Recoup, whenever that will be, hence
A changed creature I shall always be.

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