About me

5 years back I started developing apps for iOS and Mac OS. After my computer science graduation, I joined a leading mobile application firm in India. I learned Objective C with the help of my colleagues and started working on a project management tool for Mac. Mobile applications were booming back then, I got the chance to get my hands on the worlds most advanced mobile platform iOS. The journey continues…


  • 5 years of experience in development of mobile applications on iOS platform.
  • Strong knowledge in Swift, ObjectiveC and C
  • Extensive hands-on experience in building and architecting high-performance mobile applications
  • Involved in end to end product development.
  • Experience in mentoring other developors, mentor on codementor.io and hackhands.com
  • Open source enthusiast. Helping developers by answering on stackoverflow and have contributions on github
  • Experience in working with Apple watch OS, Swift framework/SDK development, realtime applications using firebase, social media integrations.
  • Up to date with latest technologies in iOS


  1. Stack Overflow: Active member of StackOverflow