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The wide screen television stayed on the whole time I stayed with my brother recently, starting with Fox news in the mornings. I don’t watch TV, and haven’t since the 70’s when my French girlfriend fell in love with Manix. We did have cable when we lived in France and it accessed all of Europe, which was interesting for a while, but I just don’t like TV. It addles my brain. I prefer to read or create something myself. Or sit quietly and watch the birds or my thoughts.

Reading articles about the struggles would-be writers have to tear themselves away from Netflix or favorite TV shows in order to write sounds a little strange to me.

But we live in a culture of distraction, and it continues to drive a wedge between our public and creative selves. A person who is conditioned and sold to since childhood may have a battle to access deeper processes in their own psyche. There is a deeper mind in humans that can be smothered by a culture obsessed with money and “success,” whatever that is.

There’s money to be made off your attention span, and if you’re distractible, you’re not protecting one of your greatest assets. You’re selling yourself cheap. I think one of the most important things you can do is question the received wisdom you grew up in. Does it serve you or not? Does it lead to a deep humanity or does it render you a mindless robot?

I guess if you were a mindless robot you wouldn’t know. The question wouldn’t make any sense. You would know yourself as ”normal.”

God forbid.

So, how must we live? You know, there must be beauty in life. The soul is starved for beauty in this “best of all worlds.” Ugliness is lethal. Just look at our built environment! How can people accept that, and then take themselves off to the shrink to learn better adaptation skills? Pharmaceuticals purport to adjust your pain level so you can live surrounded by this catastrophe.

Maybe the solution is different. Maybe it involves waking up to the source of the pain — this unshakeable sense of isolation, this environmental degradation of all kinds — and the despair erupting out of all that. Can we expect people to be happy and well adjusted in the midst of cheap and shoddy surroundings?

I don’t think so.

The globe has populations that exist in different time frames, some in prehistory, some Medieval, some in the 21st century. Enlightened cultures are in short supply. The American military and business juggernaut is engaged in wiping out larger and larger swaths of our planet while at home there are pockets of evolved consciousness with no power.

What to do? Those of us with words need to speak up. There is power in words. Between now and the moment I cycle off to my great reward, that’s what I’ll be doing.

Anima Fire

Love, creativity, travel and finding a life direction.

David Price

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I write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

Anima Fire

Love, creativity, travel and finding a life direction.

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