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Tom Serres
Sep 30, 2017 · 4 min read

Today, we celebrate Animal Co-Founder, Bettina Warburg, passing 2 million views as one of the first TED Talks to ever cover Blockchain Technology. Alongside that viewership milestone, we are excited to release the newest version of the Animal brand — visit the new and improved AnimalVentures.com to check it out!

Below, you can find a link to join 4,000 other students in our online course, The Basics of Blockchain. Get it FREE for the next 24 hours.

Several years ago we began trying to support some of the world’s largest companies in better understanding and partnering with the most transformative technologies coming to the market. Blockchain Technology, AI, Connected Devices, Decentralized Marketplaces, etc. That journey eventually led us to launching a totally new brand, Animal Ventures.

Our new Animal Ventures brand was created to drive home the primary focus of our firm — culture over business, and to lay the groundwork for a new type of business innovation model.

Over the past year:

  • We surpassed 2 Million Viewers on TED.com with the story of Blockchain — a story of trade
  • We collaborated with hundreds of senior executives from all over the world on preparing for the Decentralized Economy
  • We traveled to dozens of countries to work hand-in-hand with others on a shared vision of the decentralized future
  • We educated 4,000 new and hungry students on the economics, business, and technology behind Blockchain Technology
  • We sprinted on minimum viable products with several forward-looking corporate leaders
  • We conducted a dozen interviews with leading entrepreneurs, politicians, tech founders, innovators, and scientists on the future of politics, technology, and government
  • We streamed Season 1 of our Tech on Politics podcast nearly 300,000 times, and recorded some fantastic interviews for Season 2

And, somewhere in between, other animals on our team took time to celebrate life:

  • We hunted for elves in Iceland
  • We lived among the people of Ikaria — some of the oldest (and yet youngest) people in the world — simply studying quality of life
  • We learned how to go from being a “lessons identified” organization to a “lessons learned” organization
  • We walked over 500 miles for 6 weeks climbing the Pyrenees mountains and trekking across the entire country of Spain
  • We studied Viking lore
  • We rode motorcycles across the Yucatan Peninsula and studied the lives of the Mayans
  • We slept peacefully in an 8th century monastery
  • We tasted the Chilean Carménère varietal
  • We converted proprietary research into a ~25,000 word white paper addressing the future of supply chains
  • And we learned “how to learn how to learn”, and how to unlearn

The culture of our firm grew into our slower, calmer, and more disciplined practice, fully embracing the Animal Lifestyle of Sprint, Rest, Reflect, Tune, and Sprint again.

We lived true to our vision of becoming an agency of innovation — one that partners other animals to create, implement, and invest in some of the most exciting and emergent technologies. We educated the world’s leading executives and together we rapidly prototyped, built, and designed new ideas. We lived to nurture, from the ground up, some of the greatest companies on Earth.

We came to know our model

  • We calmly sprint fast and hard
  • We take time to rest slowly
  • We look inside and outside to reflect on our learnings
  • We go from “lessons identified” to “lessons learned”
  • Then we sprint again — It’s the Animal Way

And we came to better know our purpose

The “anima” in “Animal” refers to “a living being” from a Latin form meaning, “of air, having a spirit, living” which in turn comes from another form meaning, “breath of air, air, soul, life.”

At Animal Ventures, we emphatically prioritize culture over company. We believe that the best companies in the world invest in people, because these people will build institutions that thrive and survive the sands of time. We believe culture is the prioritization of life, and life is simply the act of living. The culture we embody is firmly rooted in the celebration and appreciation of something we call Lifestyle Design.

We believe our community is at its absolute best when all around us are given the opportunity to experiment with how to become the best version of themselves.

We are disciplined, magnanimous, and nimble Animals — members of a growing movement to be slower, calmer, and more purposeful in our day-to-day lives — we emphatically embrace the Animal Lifestyle — and we encourage you to join us. So please, do contact us.

To celebrate learning, we are offering our online course, The Basics of Blockchain, Free for the next 24 hours. Enjoy!

— The Animal Team

Animal Ventures

Connecting forward looking companies to transformative technologies

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Tom Serres is a seasoned entrepreneur, public speaker, and technology executive. Co-Founder of Animal Ventures, Host of Tech on Politics, & Founder of Rally

Animal Ventures

Connecting forward looking companies to transformative technologies