Episode 3: Blockchain Nation States with Jutta Steiner — Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Recording at NPR in Berlin
Episode 3 of Tech on Politics

Let’s talk about Blockchain. It’s been hailed as the second generation of internet but what is it exactly? And can the advent of Blockchain and Decentralized Autonomous organization disrupt brands and the share economy? Jutta Steiner joins Tom Series on Episode 3 of Tech on Politics.

Jutta Steiner is a friend of Tech on Politics, holds a PhD in Mathematical Physics, and is the founder and COO of Ethcore Ltd, a company whose team of developers are taking Blockchain to the next level. Jutta and Tom discuss not only Bitcoin, but explore smart contracts and build on a decentralized autonomous organization. What does this mean for current share economy brands such as Airbnb and Uber?

In the decentralized world, will our perception of brands, our trust in organizations, and people evolve? What would a complete transparency mean for marketing and brand reputation? Businesses may welcome a Decentralized Autonomous Organization — but how will a government manage this?

In this episode, Tom and Jutta look towards the future of Blockchain, and its ability to impact and disrupt government organisations (from the voting process, privacy implications, and how it impacts policy) and why the notion of a borderless nation state — one which has never been achieved in the history of mankind — might be not so unrealistic outcome after all! Listen to Episode 3 and see how Blockchain technologists are working towards goals on an even bigger scale.

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