Episode 6: The Blockchain Revolution with Don Tapscott and Tom Serres

The second generation of the Internet is here. As the rise of the Internet of value and blockchain increases, it’s on course to radically change the structure of businesses, democracies, and politics. In this Episode 6: The Blockchain Revolution, Tom chats to Don Tapscott, a leading thinker on the social and economic impact of tech.

Right now, society is experiencing a crisis of legitimacy, which has created a period of many opportunities but also great danger. From Brexit in the UK to the new Trump administration in the US, the electorate are now displaying great mistrust in the political system. Previously, people believed that the system was good, even though they didn’t agree with who was in power. These days, that isn’t the case. Our model of democracy, which was once ideal for an industrial age, is no longer viable and citizens are fed up of being passive recipients of mass distribution and mass marketing.

And this crisis of legitimacy isn’t just affecting our politics. It is apparent in most global problems, from climate change to poverty to the music industry. Don explains how multi-stakeholder networks could go on to govern these issues, much in the way that they have now turned the Internet into a self-governing ecosystem. Using the same idea of self-governing stewardship, we could see blockchain move from its infancy to become a highly Internet of Value.

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