Flying partially blind: An update on Season 2 of Tech on Politics

A general idea of what my vision looks like

Over the last year I’ve been dealing with an autoimmune issue that has impacted my overall vision. Both my eyes have been adversely affected as a result of this issue. My vision loss has been significant, and it’s taken an enormous amount of discipline to march on. That said, I have to credit my investments in the slow way of life over the last 3 years or so for this positive position. It’s mostly a bummer that Season 2 of Tech on Politics will now take longer as a result.

I have had several months, here and there, where my vision was fine, and several months where the vision was basically awful at best. Unfortunately, my vision has been in the state of “awful” since returning from Camino de Santiago. Luckily it was AFTER this insanely awesome walk, and our massive research paper on Asset Chains and the future of Supply Chain (which we recently released).

This basically means that I need my free time — the time Bettina and I normally give towards Tech on Politics — to dedicate towards working on my vision issues. We do hope that surgery later this winter will allow me to restore some of this vision — and then further the investigation into the underlying issue will allow me to get back on track.

Many of you have reached out about Season 2 — and while it will be temporarily on hold — it certainly is not the end. Bettina and I have been working on this show for several years now. It’s our passion and a labor of love. It just means that it will be a whole lot slower for a little while. But, then again, I am focused on slow.

Luckily, the content is FANTASTIC and already recorded. I just need to spend the time editing, teasing out the larger narratives, and working with our killer sound engineers to create the season. We pride ourselves on high quality production, and this will not change. We’re inching closer by the day — but it definitely won’t launch before the end of 2017. With high hopes — we aim for early 2018. This show is very important to us.

Season 3 is already rolling around in my head — based on some radical experience while walking across Spain this summer — and some fantastic season 2 interviews — but I won’t spoil the fun just yet.

Special thanks to Nicholas Michaelson, Robin Chase, General David Petraeus, Kevin Kelly, Nick Pinkston, Luke Hutchison, and Matt Galligan for making Season 2 one of the best yet. I am very excited to share the content — and look forward to getting it out while working to correct my vision.

Also, a shoutout to all the tech companies building accessibility into their products — THANK YOU. I cannot begin to express how much that has improved the overall life experience during this situation. It has allowed me to stay connected, as needed, and remain somewhat impactful. Thank god for grandpa font, and thank you accessibility friendly tech companies.

More from the Camino soon. Until then…