Vegan Update - Swedish Meathead

“You’re so cute, I could just eat you up!”

A Swedish jockey ate the horse she raced, after he got injured and was put to death. She said she did it to honor him as her friend. Coming to her defense, her best friend, Elsa, said, “I don’t know why people are giving her such a hard time.” Followed by, “Atchoo! … What? … Why are you looking at me like that? … No, it’s just a cold. I-I’m allergic to pollen. … Get away from me, you monster!”

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Charles Horn is the author of Meat Logic: Why Do We Eat Animals? Charles is an Emmy-nominated writer and producer with credits including Fugget About It, Robot Chicken, and Robot Chicken: Star Wars. He has a Ph.D. from Princeton University, and holds five degrees in engineering and mathematics.