Top 5 Animated Shows Of 2021

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2021 has been another great year for animation, so for this list, I will not be limited to new shows that were released in 2021, but ongoing series, and series that concluded this year. I will be explaining some plot details, so a SPOILER Warning will be in order.

5) Rick & Morty

It’s been eight years since Rick & Morty broke the mould, and is still going strong with more outlandish adventures for our nihilistic inventor and his grandson. The relationship continues to stumble as they decide to go their separate ways, dealing with their own struggles and finally confronting Evil Morty.

Image by Disney Television Animation. Posted on by Valyrian Wildfire.

4) The Owl House

Although the season hasn’t concluded yet, the first half of this Disney original series continues to prosper with high quality animation and innovative comedy. This season continues to explore Luz’s progression into the art of magic under the guidance of the rebellious witch, Eda Clawthorne. Season 2 is also significant to further developing the relationship between Luz and Amity.

Image by Frederator Studios.

3) Castlevania

It’s not an easy task to create an adaptation of the classic video game series, yet that’s what creator Warren Ellis and Adi Shankar achieved when they brought forth this anime extravaganza to Netflix in 2017, with the animation provided by studio Powerhouse. This dark fantasy was able to tell the story a well written pace, receiving critical praise from critical and fans, then concluding in 2021 with its fourth season.

Image by Disney Television Animation.

2) Amphibia

Another Disney entry on the list, this fantasy adventures continues with season 2 concluding with shocking revelations, friendships questioned and Anne returning home. Season 3 began in October 2nd with Anne adjust as to life in the human world, reconnect with her parents, and also deal her new found strength. The story may not be over yet, and more wonderous adventures await for Anne, her friends and fans.

Image by Riot Games.

1) Arcane

From the creators that brought of the League of Legends and Netflix, this ground-breaking series is set in a world with two societies, the prosperous Piltover and the oppressive underground of Zaun where magic and technology drive the force of society.

This is a variant, yet grounded show where fantasy meets steampunk, setting the tone for a gripping story, engrossing characters, exfiltrating action and of course, breath-taking animation.




This page is dedicated to articles reviewing animated films & series from all eras, including those that have gone under the radar. You can also find alerts and discussions for future projects still in the works.

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