7 Shirou Emiya Quotes That Are So Damn Genuine

In a lot of ways, Shirou Emiya is similar to Martin Luther King.

Shirou is a believer who believes in big things most people think is childish or impossible.

He’s the type of guy who wants to help everybody, and tries to do so even if he knows he can’t.

Shirou’s a genuine character who just wants the best for everybody, and won’t settle for less.

And that’s what makes Shirou Emiya’s quotes worth sharing. He’s a character you can relate to.

If you haven’t watched Fate Stay Night, give it a try.

You just might fall in love with the Fate Series when you do!

Here are 7 Shirou Emiya Quotes from Fate Stay Night Anime.



Shirou Emiya Quotes #3





It doesn’t always matter that it won’t work. It’s the intention that matters.

Which Shirou Emiya quote is your favorite from this list?

Originally published at animemotivation.com on May 1, 2017.