8 Mikoto Misaka Quotes That Show Off Her Personality

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Mar 26, 2017 · 2 min read

Kuroko Shirai calls her the “shock” princess.

But across academy city, Mikoto’s known as the Railgun of Tokiwadai Middle School.

Mikoto Misaka is a tough on the outside, soft on the inside kind of character.

She’s easily embarrassed by the childish things she likes, but at the same time is so ambitious, driven, and headstrong, that it’s inspiring.

And that’s what makes Mikoto Misaka’s quotes and Anime moments worth mentioning from A Certain Scientific Railgun.

That being said, let’s get straight to it…




Mikoto Misaka Quotes #4




Mikoto Misaka Quotes #8

Which Mikoto Misaka quote is your favorite?

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