Favorite Anime Waifu’s

Theo J Ellis
Aug 9, 2019 · 2 min read

Shinoa Hiiragi (Owari No Seraph)

If Shinoa was for real, we’d be a childish pair of sarcastic antagonists.

She isn’t one for taking things too seriously, and you never know when she’s being serious either.


Shiori Shinomiya (Sakura Quest)

Shiori Shiomiya is loyal, gentle, easy going and thoughtful. She doesn’t fit any cliches of the “dere” type either.

Perfect Waifu.


Iroha Isshiki (Oregairu)

Iroha is a side character who’s sort of a main character in season 2. But if you ask me — I love her personality more than main characters like Yukinoshita.

She’s a little cheeky, bold and relentless. I like that about her.


Marika Tachibana (Nisekoi)

Ordinarily I would say Onodera. But Tachibana warmed on me… Even though I thought she was too over the top at first.

Tachibana is another bold, cheeky and relentless character. She knows what she wants and won’t hesitate to get it.

An unlikely Waifu of many ;)

Other Waifu’s:

  • Umiko Ahagon (New Game).
  • Balsa (Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit).
  • Megumi Noda (Nodame Cantabile).
  • Utaha Kasumigaoka (How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend).

Who are your favorites?

Theo J Ellis

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