Is It True That“Recent Anime” Is WORSE Than Older Anime?

Theo J Ellis
Aug 9, 2019 · 3 min read

This debates been going on for a while in the anime community. And entertainment in general, actually.

When it all comes down to it, it’s about PERSPECTIVE.

Let’s imagine this crater to be the anime industry in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and “VERY early” 2000’s.

In those days we can all agree there weren’t too many anime shows compared to today.

This is more true in the 70’s-90’s era.

Sure, there were dozens of anime shows or whatever, especially at any given time, but it wasn’t so bad that you were CHOKING on the amount of anime you had to digest.

It was reasonable.

That’s why shows like Death Note were allowed to exist.

And older shows like DBZ, Slayers, Neon Genesis and so on.

Studios weren’t exposed to the internet yet, and technology hadn’t made everyone obsessed with copying each other. Or “rushing” to create another anime with a half-assed effort.

Nowa’days anime looks like THIS. A massive crater with no end in sight.

This crater represents the amount of content the industry’s been FLOODED with.

It’s a known fact that since the 2000’s, anime production has gone into overdrive. It’s astonishing how many anime are being produced every year.

The number is probably worse than the “actual” statistics will tell you.

It’s probably why THIS happens as well….

Veteran Anime Artist Allegedly Dies of Overwork in Japan

More anime = more work… And not the “productive” type of work either.

If you ask me — this plays a role in why “recent” anime are shite these days.

  • Less effort.
  • Less time dedicated to each series.
  • LESS productivity.
  • LESS creativity.

And it’s not just the anime industry… it’s the entertainment business in general.

Quality has gone down because content quantity has gone UP.

Quantity does matter, but it’s being abused at the expense of quality. It’s out of balance, and that’s why I feel anime these days doesn’t match up to what it did.

And when it does? It’s a needle in a haystack

And that’s what I mean by “perspective”.

There are MORE anime these days, so it seems like LESS anime are good because there aren’t as many that rise to the surface.

Before it was more balanced so it wasn’t the case, relatively speaking.

Theo J Ellis

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