The Future Of Netflix Anime

Theo J Ellis
Aug 7, 2019 · 3 min read

Whenever you walk into a Mc Donalds, eventually when ordering food they’ll ask you: “what drink would you like?” — that’s what anime is to Netflix right now.

It’s an “addition” to their catalog, but it’s nothing too serious for it to be a “main meal” on their menu.

I can clearly see they seem a little “hasty” with all the anime they’re adding to their platform… Anime which isn’t original to Netflix, but they know is popular and fans will watch it.

The only problem here is… why would an anime fan go to Netflix to watch these shows when they’re already on other platforms? (Especially pirate sites).

I say all that to say: Netflix seems to be in a conundrum.

Right now they’re struggling to create original anime series that vibe with anime fans, particularly in the west.

I mean it’s so bad at this point that 100’s of memes have flooded the internet, mocking the quality (and direction) of Netflix’s anime shows.

So logically they’re trying to “add Japanese anime” to their catalog to circumvent it. But as I’m sure they’re learning, doing that is HARD.

Not even Crunchyroll has figured out how to add an overwhelmingly massive catalog of anime shows without headaches, licensing issues or paying expensive costs (I’m sure the math isn’t worth it).

What’s the future of Netflix anime?

It’s not terrible. Unlike a lot of anime companies, Netflix has a lot of money to play with. They’re the biggest streaming platform in the world and everyone wants to be on it.

I’m not sure what their next move will be from 2020, but as of today I don’t see Netflix anime being “that big of a deal” in the near future because it feels like they’re stuck between:

  1. Creating GREAT original anime content.
  2. And shoving an endless amount of Japanese anime into their catalog.

They’re doing the right thing with anime documentaries at least (even if it’s not received that well).

And they’re working with the Japanese a lot more, so that’s a good sign.

Let’s wait and see.

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