Why Gin Ichimaru Was Never Remembered As A “Good Person” In The Soul Society

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May 21, 2018 · 3 min read

Gin Ichimaru’s moments towards the end of Bleach (after arrancar arc) is some of the most surprising stuff you’ll witness in an anime show. Especially for action/shounen series in particular.

In the end, Gin was a good guy. But that didn’t takeaway from all the bad things he did as a Soul Reaper.

And that’s regardless of his noble attempts to destroy Sosuke Aizen…

Despite Gin Ichimaru’s noble efforts in the end (which was shocking), nobody recognizes Gin as a good person.

These are the reasons why…

  1. Nobody witnessed Gin’s “good efforts” in the end. The only person who understood and witnessed it at all was Rangiku. Nobody else was around when Gin protected her from Aizen.
  2. Even Rangiku doesn’t know everything that went down, nor did she see everything between Gin and Aizen afterwards. She was knocked out after all, and only seen what came after that.
  3. Because of this, Rangiku wouldn’t have had much to say to the Soul Society. And so — Gin’s efforts (seeing as no one was around and he kept it quiet) were ignored.
  4. Also: Gin’s already did some immoral, disagreeable things before and after leaving the soul society. So there’s that to think about.
  5. And of course: Gin orchestrated things to be this way. Hnece why he kept his mouth shut. And even if he would have mentioned it earlier to one of the Soul Reapers (or Ichigo), he never had or took the opportunity to do so. Maybe he felt pressured and that stopped him from acting too soon.

Gin Ichimaru is an interesting Bleach character. Easily one of the most curious characters of all time (especially in the Bleach series). And his last moments (or episodes) in Bleach were pretty special.

His whole backstory and reasoning for trying to take down Aizen from the beginning was interesting.

But it’s because he stayed quiet that all those efforts over so many years have been forgotten. Nobody remembers what you don’t tell them.

In the end — he’s nothing but a villain and a traitor in the eyes of almost everyone (except maybe Ichigo and definitely Rangiku).

That fact alone makes Gin’s story sad and lonely. But that’s just the kind of person Gin Ichimaru was from the start…

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Anime motivation, life lessons, quotes, and thoughtful content for the anime community.

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