Why So Called “Anime Lovers” Get Annoyed When Fans Watched DUBBED Anime

Theo J Ellis
Aug 10, 2019 · 3 min read

#1 Ego

Some people feel SO GOOD about the fact that they “watch the original” version, that they’ll “get annoyed” at anyone who watches the unoriginal version of the same thing.


#2 Arrogant bastards

This is a continuation of “ego”.

Some fans trick themselves into believing they’re better than you because they watch subbed instead of dubbed… Even though a “choice” has no bearing on being a so called “cooler” person.


#3 Made up rules

If you’re a fan of anime, you’re not allowed to watch or support dubbed anime.”

They claim they love anime and yet they pick and choose which parts of the anime community deserve to be appreciated.


#4 It’s normal to attack people with different opinions

This is just how the world works. Feeble people will choose to judge, criticize and HATE you for having a different opinion, instead of respecting it.

“But, but the original is always better than dubbed” I hear them screaming.

That’s the kind of BS someone says who’s:

  1. Extremely bias (we’ve all been there).
  2. Jumps on the bandwagon (it’s “cool” to hate fans who watched dubbed shows).
  3. Hasn’t watched enough anime, dubbed and subbed, to truly know that for a fact (there aren’t many of these people).

I watched Konosuba in the subbed version, originally. I heard so many fans suggesting it, that I thought “fuck it”.

The SUBBED version was terrible.

Honestly it made me cringe. Megumin’s voice was the worst. My ears apparently don’t like it.

I then watched the DUBBED version and now I like Konosuba.

The same isn’t true for The Rising Of The Shield Hero, though.

I’ve heard the dubbed version… and I decided the subbed version is better.

Raphtalia’s voice is good. The dubbed VA is one of my favorites. But overall the subbed version destroys the dubbed alternative for THIS anime.

Source: DeviantArt

And I enjoyed the dubbed version MORE for Dragon Ball Z AND Sword Art Online.

DBZ’S subbed version has AWFUL VA’S. I’d rather scratch a chalk board with my finger nails.

“Original” doesn’t correlate with quality. That’s the mistake people bullshit themselves into believing in the anime community.

I know a lot of subbed anime that I couldn’t even bare to get through because of how it sounded.

Some anime are just better subbed (Nichijou). And others are better dubbed. It comes down to context.

Neither is “inherently” better just because you say it is. With that logic, If a wall is black and I claim it’s “blue” than it must be blue.

Let’s stop the hate and start appreciating. It’s silly at this point if you ask me.

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Where Anime & Motivation Collide

Anime motivation, life lessons, quotes, and thoughtful content for the anime community.

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