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‘Dragon Ball’ series Watch Order

Dragon Ball without any doubt is one of the most liked and loved series of anime fans. If in case, you haven’t watched a single episode or read any of the manga, getting into the series can seem totally overwhelming! This is why I article this made for you to figure out the correct order to watch Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball is a huge media franchise consisting of Manga, Anime, Feature Films, and Video Games. In this article, we will talk about how to watch Dragon Ball in the best correct order.

What is Dragon Ball?

Initially, Manga (say a Japanese comic) written by Akira Toriyama and was later published by Shueisha. The Dragon Balls are seven magic orbs, each with a number of tiny glowing stars in them, with which all collected, a dragon can be summoned called Shenron. If you keeping watch Dragon Ball, you’ll find out that there are actually two dragons. Both can be summoned and they both grant wishes but their powers are different. Does this sound like bull shit? Well, sssh, never mind and don’t think about these things already. You’ll actually find this series way more interesting once you start watching it.

Continue with this article. Starting out with Goku, he is a young boy who is on a journey to gather the Dragon balls (The seven Magical orbs) and during his journey meets many of the characters who would later become staples to the franchise.

You might want to read more on it on Wikipedia. We don’t wanna spill out all the fun here.

Should you watch Dragon Ball GT?

Dragon Ball Series

Dragon Ball GT mostly contains character-building arcs which are not very important. Most Dragon Ball fans don’t suggest you watching Dragon Ball GT. I also recommend you to skip this season and watch a few other seasons directly. You can watch it if you think you will miss something but it is rather not that necessary.

Which to watch? Dragon Ball Z Or Kai?

Dragon Ball

It does not matter which you watch because both are the same. The only difference is that the Kai is modified to make the series a little shorter by cutting some fight scenes.

As in the Dragon Ball Z series sometimes, a single fight can go up to 10 episodes, so these fights are made short. You can watch Kai as you will not miss any important details and can enjoy the show much more. So, this is my advice to watch the Kai series instead of Z.

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What is the right order to watch Dragon Ball series?

Various people have various interests and thought about this. We don’t want to confuse you or something. We are giving you two ways for watching this series. Chose whichever way you want and start watching Dragon Ball now.

Watch Dragon Ball series our way (Our top recommendation)

  1. Dragon Ball
  2. Dragon Ball Movie 1
  3. Dragon Ball Movie 2
  4. Dragon Ball Movie 3
  5. Dragon Ball Z (or Kai, your choice)
  6. Dragon Ball Movie 1, 2, 3
  7. Bardock: The Father of Goku Movie
  8. Dragon Ball Z Cell Saga
  9. History of Trunks Movie
  10. Dragon Ball Z to the conclusion
  11. Dragon Ball GT (Only if you think you should/want to watch)
  12. Dragon Ball Super

So, this is the correct order to watch the Dragon Ball series. I highly recommend you to skip Dragon Ball GT as it is not so important and doesn’t have any important arcs. And the remaining movies, you can watch them later and enjoy yourselves.

Though this is our preferred way of watching the Dragon Ball series you might wanna watch it with a different approach. Various users have typically different interests. Well here is another order for watching this series, in the order how they have been released.

Watch Dragon Ball series in the order they were released

  1. Dragon Ball 1–43
  2. Curse of the Blood Rubies
  3. Dragon Ball 44–70
  4. Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle
  5. Dragon Ball 71–114
  6. Goku’s Fire Brigade
  7. Goku’s Traffic Safety
  8. Dragon Ball 115–118
  9. Mystical Adventure
  10. Dragon Ball 119–153
  11. Dragon Ball Z 1–11
  12. Dead Zone
  13. Dragon Ball Z 12–39
  14. The World’s Strongest
  15. Dragon Ball Z 40–54
  16. The Tree of Might
  17. Dragon Ball Z 55–63
  18. Bardock: Father of Goku
  19. Dragon Ball Z 64–81
  20. Lord Slug
  21. Dragon Ball Z 82–99
  22. Cooler’s Revenge
  23. Dragon Ball Z 100–130
  24. The Return of Cooler
  25. Dragon Ball Z 131–147
  26. Super Android 13!
  27. Dragon Ball Z 148–175
  28. The History of Trunks
  29. Dragon Ball Z 176
  30. Broly — The Legendary Super Saiyan
  31. Dragon Ball Z 177–192
  32. Bojack Unbound
  33. Dragon Ball Z 193–195
  34. Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans
  35. Dragon Ball Z 196–220
  36. Broly — Second Coming
  37. Dragon Ball Z 221–232
  38. Bio-Broly
  39. Dragon Ball Z 233–258
  40. Fusion Reborn
  41. Dragon Ball Z 259–270
  42. Wrath of the Dragon
  43. Dragon Ball Z 271–291
  44. Dragon Ball GT 1–4
  45. The Path to Power
  46. Dragon Ball GT 5–41
  47. A Hero’s Legacy
  48. Dragon Ball GT 42–64
  49. Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!
  50. Episode of Bardock
  51. Battle of the Gods
  52. Resurrection F
  53. Dragon Ball Super 1–131
  54. Broly

We also don’t find any logical watching order of the series, that is why you could also consider watching it in the order they were released. From a timeline perspective, we’d rather prefer it watch it this way like the TV viewers did that time.

Where can I watch Dragon Ball?

Well, there are some sites that allow you to watch Anime online. There are some paid online streaming services available (Which is generally preferred) but there are some other streaming platforms where we can watch anime online.

With the recent effect of legal copyright issues, all files are taken down by the copyright owners. Files and servers of pirated sites offering users watch Anime and read Manga were taken down forever due to Japan’s stricter copyright law. This means sites like KissAnime, KissManga can no longer operate unless they come under a new domain name (Which will actually be a great relief, at least for me.)

You can consider these platforms for watching the Dragon Ball series:

  • Gogoanime (My favorite)
  • Funimation
  • Hulu
  • Anime Lab
  • Netflix

This is not it. If you want to enjoy reading, stay tuned with us and consider us for your future entertainment.



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