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There is a war within America that’s not with Corona

It had snowed all night. A happy 7-year-old child refused to wear a thick coat to play outside because the temperature inside was hot. Though his mom insisted he wear it, before disappearing into the kitchen with her phone, he took off his coat and mittens as soon as he went outside. He gleefully played in the thick snow to his heart’s content. Till he fainted and lay there turning red and blue… How this plays out from there is left to your imagination.

The child had a privileged upbringing and was treated like an adult, who can make the right decisions independently. He was given all the freedom and pleasures possible, without having to face hardships. All he had to do was ask. Everything rebellious was cute and smart about him. No one burdened him with thoughts of discipline, accountability, or godly fear — superficial self-serving values were enough. Playing video games all day made him hungry for adventurous situations. The danger is the fun part of the game, right? At least that’s what his elder brother had told him whenever he was allowed a taste of bigger-boys-action-games. He loved action toys too. Every type of gun was at his disposal coz’ aren’t they just the most fascinating toys?? Pop, Pop, Pop.

This is how I, and I’m sure many around the world, see America and its terrifying situation. Of course, we wanna help that child, but we are helpless after the fact. Deja vu! This helplessness has come over us every time we read about the mass shootings that America is most known for. And God knows, we probably would have faced a gun or an outraged parent ready to slap us if we went to his rescue.

Storytime up. Let’s get down to facts.

America’s inept reaction to this pandemic has dumbstruck the world.

Disclaimer 1: Below is my view, an outsider’s view, on what is happening in America, without attempting to claim I know better than you who is living through it. As always I am open to respectful dialogue if you think I have made any mistakes.

Disclaimer 2: Whenever I speak about America or Americans in a negative light, know it’s always about the inept Americans and not those who have been trying their best in every way to prevent COVID-19’s spread.


Corona is a dangerous disease, not a WAR! Period.

You might want to stop reading here if you don’t agree with this — as the rest might put a strain on a fragile brain or ego. Calling this disease a war, is a terrible mistake, IMHO. People hear about war and ignore it. Life goes on for most, living it up to the best of their ability. Since war is a hindrance to their peace-of-mind, they distance themselves from it mentally. Corona or COVID-19 cannot be ignored by anyone sane, like all the actual wars we can ignore around the world. Wars are waged by human beings on each other for complicated reasons. COVID-19 has just one reason to exist, to destroy its host for its own survival. Its special powers are that it is:

  1. Invisible to the naked eye.
  2. Highly intolerant to human beings, weaker ones being more at risk.

Its track record of rapidly spreading and killing many in other countries wasn’t reason enough to fear it in the US? Then again, I guess Americans took their superhuman fearless attitude a bit too far.


America ignored common sense.

If there are nine other voices besides common sense, by all indication, it seems each will get its fair share of supporters in America. Though this cacophony of voices was from qualified sources, common sense should have taken precedence. No immediate action is also negligence. The virus is a novel (new) strain and hence, should have been handled with kid gloves. It needed just the simple, sensible choice to put safety first. That choice was neither rocket science nor giving in to paranoid fear. While every alert country promptly made that choice and started tracking down international passengers to put in stringent quarantine, America was still in denial about the brewing crisis and messed it up big time. The blind lead the blind, but those who could see saw. And I hope every such American is safe. I vividly remember researching all about pandemics (especially the 1918 Spanish flu) and self-quarantining myself and my kids way before a lockdown was declared in India. It seems unfathomable that the majority of such an advanced nation like the US wouldn’t do the same.


The real war going on in America is caused by the inept people of America.

This of course doesn’t include the good Americans who took this seriously from the get-go but affects them all the same. Sadly, this fact cannot be denied by anyone, inside or outside of America.

Trump has a shocking thinking-out-loud-without-thinking way that is unforgettable, but only just the icing on the cake. The US government, with its indecisive measures, showed that they didn’t even consider COVID-19 as a higher threat than a war. Warfare in-fact generates big business for them. So life went on as usual since they are so used to Wars. Unfortunately, Americans lost the head start they could have had on containing this deadly disease.

Maybe the survival of the fittest makes sense to many of them, as inferred from Trump’s recent remarks. However, I can hardly believe that they don’t care that their elderly and sickly are dying by the thousands. After watching jaw-dropping decisions like sending sick elderly back to senior homes where many others ended up dying; And, a report that said 90% of the deaths could have been prevented; I strongly feel American lawmakers (and inept Americans) need to be taught Equity is above Equality. Especially in the midst of a crisis of this proportion, it appears shallow, if not outright stupid, to support equality and demand freedom. Curbing freedom of movement is not infringing on any rights if it is for communal good. Why is the country so hung up on this? Don’t they want to let everyone have a fair chance of surviving this? Don’t they want to do what is best for their medical people and all those who are on the front-lines of dealing with this scary situation? Apparently not.


10,000+ deaths in 3 days.

It’s the saddest thing to watch this happen, and what prompted me to start writing this article a couple of days ago. These people were beloved mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, friends, and neighbors. Would the country ever be able to recover from this grievous loss of lives?? Apparently yes, since they are already gearing up to reopen the economy. I hope and pray that the worst is over for the US and the correct decisions are made.

I don’t watch much news, but I sure did watch since the Corona outbreak. Especially how my country India was handling it, and how the US was handling it. More of US news since I love Trevor Noah’s hilarious show. Here are two hard facts about India:

  1. We have a billion more people in India than the US has, living in less than one-third the size of the US.
  2. We don’t trust China or anything that comes from it.

If you read the stats, you would know that India has managed to keep deaths below 2500 in the same period that the US reached 82500+ deaths. Clearly, we take public health issues very seriously. Especially due to our sheer population density. Similarly, look at how Taiwan handled the coronavirus from the get-go. Absolutely commendable despite having to deal with you know who.


America has too liberal a society to walk and work towards a common goal as one.

The Government does make critical decisions, but they cannot enforce them swiftly and effectively without the full cooperation from citizens. It is the citizens who have the power to propel the measures via their support and compassion. I feel it is more challenging in the US to rise as one due to the following observations:

  1. Bad Press: Yes, the measures took time to roll out, but mainstream media in America could have done way better in terms of social responsibility. Even though COVID-19 was spreading like wildfire in Europe, many channels seemed to be playing down its seriousness. Looked like opinion journalism, not investigative journalism. Who is accountable for misleading the masses via mass media??
  2. Weak Law & Order: Coming to the masses of inept Americans who can’t stand to be told what to do. The police in America are scared of these mass protesting Americans, IMHO. Anywhere else in the world, people fear the power vested in the police. Even in places where the police are not liked nor trusted for their corruption levels, there still exists a healthy fear of their authority. Despite being weak in the face of communal forces, the American police also cause unnecessary violence, especially by their racial bullying of black people. The underlying reason for misuse of power is again a fear, the fear of losing control, that has led to many wrongdoings.
  3. Wrong Battle: The typical protesting spoilt American (or any spoilt brat world over) thinks that being told to stay home as a preventive measure is infringing on their birthright. No, never at the expense of others wellbeing you schmucks. That’s not freedom, and this kind of behavior should be criminally liable.
  4. Factionists: America needs to be wary of factionists who love discord and attention. They are mutually propped up by narcissistic leaders and groups who thrive on chaos. This is true in many nations but is more openly evident because of the level of freedom enjoyable in America.
  5. Lack of Lacks: Some Americans take their good health and all essential services for granted, as they have lived a more lack-less life. With first-class services, and things getting done faster in the US, they assume it’s part of their rights instead of being a privilege. Why else would they even flout the Stay Home directives?

On the whole, the very self-focused attitude of such Americans makes their thinking less empathetic. In countries like India and Taiwan, people are very aware of how precious their health care system is and how easily it could collapse. The responsibility towards our doctors and healthcare workers is what makes most of us fall in line, despite any reservations we might have with our respective Governments.

My heart goes out to those who have lost their loved ones, and there are no words that can console in such situations. To those who still feel invincible enough to go around unprotected and stay uncaring, please remember it could any day be someone you love. Think of that and do what’s right. It’s never too late to do the right thing, And you can always, always, choose to do the right thing.

A final note to all the good Americans, my dear fellow humans. Please know that all of humanity mourns with you. Our hope is that America will come out through this stronger and wiser. To those who feel helpless in the face of ineffective leadership, I would like to say that there is still hope, via your actions, and those of whom you can influence. May God bless you all, and may you collectively encourage each other to do the right thing — together for your country.

Not sure if I can tell you to Stay Home, so I wont. Good or bad it is a choice you are making and are hopefully holding yourself accountable for.

Stay Careful, Stay Caring, Stay Calm. Stay Safe. 🙏 🙏



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