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Who is Binod

“The Name is Binod… James Binod.” — Binod

What is Binod

  1. Ignore me, I am just a cooler version of a troll.
  2. I love this beyond words.
  3. I hate this beyond words.
  4. This has my approval, says a prune.
  5. This is trash, says a piece of trash.
  6. I am in love with the internet & memes.
  7. I love messing with your head.



A seasoned entrepreneur and small business expert, I have my hands in a couple of dozen pies that include ➜ Startup Consulting, Domaining, Branding, Design, Coding, Online Marketing, SEO, Data Science & ML, Writing, Painting, Digital Art, Fitness, Spiritual Wellbeing & Parenting.

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Anita Walker

➊⌇Engineer ➋⌇Entrepreneur ➌⌇Designer ➍⌇Developer ➎⌇Domainer ➏⌇Artist ➐⌇Writer ➑⌇Poet ➒⌇Believer ➓⌇Mom ⋙Looking to connect with ⟢MY TRIBE⟣ here!⋘