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This month, GitHub announced that Organizations can have profile READMEs so we created one at!

GitHub announced the other day, that Organizations can now have their own README.

I love this feature! So when I had the chance I created one for Open Source community.

One thing I’ve learned from being involved with Open Source is that not all communities work the same way. Each one has its mission, way of working, and contribution processes.

Welcoming every type of contribution is one of our core values, as is being beginner-friendly. Having a README allows us to inform contributors of how we operate and how they can help us. Now we can show what the community is about right when a contributor finds our organization page on GitHub.

The first impression we want to pass to newcomers and our community is that they can contribute in multiple ways other than code if they want. So the first draft of our profile README aims to let our contributors know they can join us on Zulip and contribute to our community in various ways such as reviewing code, implementing features, testing our apps, reporting bugs, suggesting design improvements, blogging for our publication, etc…

Here’s our profile README 🎉 which you can check out at (source code). README Profile

If you have an organization on GitHub and would like to add this feature you can read about it here:



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