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GHC 2020 Diaries conclude

GHC 2020 Day 4


9 AM EST GHC lesson with my 7 year old

Me : You have to finish your milk and grow big, else when you go back to school everyone will think you are in wrong class and send you to 1st grade.

She : When they ask what is 60+60, and I’ll say 120. They will know which class I’m in.

Lesson : Its not how I look, its what I know!

10 AM EST Finally tried the Liquid Metal Yoga!

12 PM EST : Award time!

Perfect capture, all smiles!

2 PM EST Speed mentoring prep work

Thank you Salesforce!

2:50 PM EST Get, Set, GO

Very well planned and organized speed mentoring sessions!

Discussing my journey and learnings with talented women was a great experience. Looking forward to doing it again next year!

4PM EST Highlight of my day — Megan Rapinoe time!


My takeaways:

  1. Quote : “No one in this room is better than me, and I’m not better than anyone else. We are all unique, we each bring something to the table
  2. Diversity & Inclusion -> better product
  3. Throw your ladders down, build community, share information.
  4. Forge a new path together.
  5. Quote : “Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness”

5 PM EST Dance party!

Dance Party

…. and vGHC has officially come to a close!

GHC 2021 .. CHICAGO! Hope to be a part of GHC in 2021 and meet all the talented and beautiful ladies in person.

Till then — Bye, Alvida, Adios, Ciao, Aloha, au revior …

#vghc2020 #togetherwebuild




Supporting by enhancing women’s experiences at events, engaging women as mentors, and expanding inclusive initiatives. #vGHC2020 #AnitaBeesBuzz

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