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GHC 2020 diaries contd..

GHC 2020 Day 3


8 AM EST Starting with Technical Showcase today.

Annie Jean-Baptiste : “Building for Everyone — An Introduction to Product Inclusion”

Right when I think I know what inclusion and diversity is, I bump into something that makes me realize, I’m so faraway from reality. I would have never imagined for a product like camera lens, one would need to think about inclusion.

My takeaways:

  1. Ask “Who else”?
  2. Take others and co-create to build an inclusive product.
  3. Remember : User~Equity~Test
Google : Product Design and Development Process

12 PM EST Keynote time!

“Becoming Chief Troublemaker with Marian Croak”

Marian Croak

One of my favorite keynotes! Marian Croak so gracefully spoke about the events that hurt, scared, intimidated her and how she kept moving forward, turned the naysayers into supporters. A journey worth learning from!

My takeaways:

  1. Don’t try to fit in, be right instead.
  2. Become your own advocate.
  3. Sometimes you will want to quit, give up , be extremely hurt- harness that energy and speak up for yourself.
  4. Voice and protect yourself.
  5. It will be risky, but it will be worth it.
  6. Find that 1 supporter.
  7. Its okay to be scared

12:30 PM Open Source Day!!

Due to some issue I couldn’t get into the one I had registered for, but guess it was for good, because I found “Choose Your Own Adventure!”. Couldn't have asked for better mentors : Rocio Montes & Shubha Rajan. Patient and excited to help every one. The whole OSD program was so well organized. Amazing to the see so many mentors had taken the effort to create the git repository just for this program and and help so many of learn all about open source. This definitely goes down as one of my top favorites.

My takeaways:

  1. Open source is not as difficult as my internal critic tells me.
  2. 2020 to do — make an open source contribution.
  3. Explore hacktoberfest

3 PM Speaker Session time

“Your New Product: What To Build and When To Build It” — Ciara McDaniel, Senior Product Manager, Workday

My takeaways:

  1. 1st priority is “Customer Needs”
  2. Focus on outcomes rather than outputs
  3. Feedback channels — Group sessions, 1:1 sessions, surveys
  4. Important question : “Would you be disappointed if you cannot use the product” -> determines -> product market fit. Aim for >40% product market fit.
  5. Prioritization of feedback: one time/paid vs. constant users

4 PM EST Keynote time

Tiffani Ashley Bell & Ellen Pao

GHC Description : “Join Ellen Pao as she discusses her personal story as a technologist and business woman using data driven approaches to dismantle toxic workplace cultures

With everything else women are achieving, it was inspiring to see and hear Tiffany Ashley Bell and Ellen Pao, who are fighting for causes, that make the path easier for others.

My takeaways:

  1. Sign up : &
  2. Need to make efforts everyday to shift people’s framework of mind and perspective
  3. Everyone can contribute to culture change — model diversity and inclusion.

Tomorrow is a big day! Speed Mentoring and Megan Rapinoe! Hope I get some sleep!




Supporting by enhancing women’s experiences at events, engaging women as mentors, and expanding inclusive initiatives. #vGHC2020 #AnitaBeesBuzz

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