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2020: The Year of Anime Hell

Series: “Star Trek: Voyager”, episode: “The Year of Hell” — Kurtwood Smith’s character contemplates the timelines
That feeling when your every change to the timeline just makes it worse
Series: “Gakuen Babysitters” — One character asks “Maybe we should just give up?”
I think we were all feeling this by July… (Series: School Babysitters)

The Blindingly Obvious

The Slightly-Less Obvious

The Smaller, But Still Real

Kaede sees Dinosaur’s stash of cash (Series: Gal to Kyouryuu)
If only they could all have friendly dinosaurs making boxes full of cash that they keep under the bed (Series: Gal & Dino)

The Personal



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Guy who Does Stuff. Parent. Part cyborg. Is stuck in the Snowbelt, but would rather be living in the DATABASE, DATABASE.