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A Decade in HanaKana Anime Themes

So, for today’s 12 Days of AniTAY post, I was originally going to just pick some of my favorite anime themes from the past decade that I hadn’t already highlighted. Then I looked at it, and realized I’m pretty sure I can do at least one theme per year from a show that I watched [Edit: Well, almost every year] that featured Kana Hanazawa, and well, here we are, A Decade in HanaKana Anime Themes.


For me, 2010 was all about the Angel Beats, where I love both the OP and the ED, although I think of the OP as Angel’s song, and the ED as Yurippe’s, so you get “My Soul, Your Beats”:

Also good from 2010, although not so much on my favorite themes is OreImo.


I didn’t seriously start watching anime on a consistent basis until about 2014–2015, so these early years can be a little sparse, so it mainly leaves me with Haganai for 2011 (although I had a lot of fun with that show) for a HanaKana show, although she’s a supporting character instead of a lead.


So, 2012, I haven’t actually seen anything with HanaKana in it (yet). But Binbougami ga! is on my “Plan to Watch” list, so I’m gonna cheat a bit, and use that instead 😉


This year had both Haganai Next and OreImo season 2 (what OVAs? there are no OVAs for OreImo 2, I’m sure of it… #kuronekowasrobbed #saoribestgirlanyway)


A good year for HanaKana shows. D-Frag!, If Her Flag Breaks, and of course, Nisekoi (was this the point when “HanaKana characters can’t win” was cemented? #ihaveanirrationallovefortsugumithough)

and now, a message from our sponsor:

I couldn’t resist re-using this


Nisekoi: is admittedly all I got here, but hey, it had that Magical Girl episode, so let’s have some fun with that. #seriouslythoughtsugumisodangcute


She was a main in Orange (a/k/a HanaKana misses on the love interest so hard they somehow try to change the past), but overall, I just liked Poco’s Udon World more.


Oh man, 2017, the year of the Teasing HanaKana. Raphiel in Gabriel DropOut, and Minagawa in Tsuredure Children. Plus her true-to-form love triangle role in Koi to Uso.

Plus bonus Minagawa best moment:

I still laugh. EVERY. TIME.


Oh man. One of my personal candidates for Best Anime of the Year, and maybe Decade, A Place Further Than The Universe, plus Cells at Work! (and Beatless apparently, which I guess I’ve dropped). Another great year for HanaKana ;p


Hmm, Quintessential Quintuplets and Senryuu Shoujo, plus Shoumetsu Toshi. Well, Ichika was a great onee-chan, I guess. #yotsubabestgirlbutmikubestwaifu

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