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AniTAY Podcast S6 E11: The Detective Is Already Dead to Pizza

The summer 2021 anime season has gotten the ball rolling with tons of premieres. But which shows are worth watching, and which ones are definitely, definitely not? It’s ultimately up to you, but before you decide for yourself, the AniTAY crew is here to provide our unsolicited advice. Later in the episode, we break down some of the latest news, including the swift rise and fall of “Anime Tube,” MAPPA nonsense, and the latest in Ufotable’s long-running tax fraud scandal.

This episode’s members: Reikaze, Gugsy, Thatsmapizza, Requiem

Thanks to Reikaze for their work editing this episode of the podcast!

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Intro 0:00:00–0:00:59

Housekeeping 0:00:59–0:08:26

Seasonal Shows

Remake Your Life 0:08:26–0:19:49

Peach Boy Riverside 0:19:49–0:26:19

The Aquatope on White Sand 0:26:19–0:36:06

The Detective Is Already Dead 0:36:06–0:45:08

The Case Study of Vanitas 0:45:08–0:52:43


“Anime Tube” Twitter Saga 0:52:43–0:56:41

Gonzo NFT 0:56:41–1:01:34

MAPPA Workplace Issues 1:01:34–1:07:37

Ufotable Taxes Case 1:07:37–1:11:14

Spirit Chronicles crowdfunding 1:11:14–1:14:37

Topic of the Week: Sport/game/competition you want made into anime 1:14:37–1:31:25

Ending 1:31:25–1:32:48

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