AniTAY Podcast S6 E17: Babies as a Measure of Time

thatsma pizza
Nov 3, 2021 · 2 min read

We’re a few weeks into the fall season of anime and we’ve gotten a better sense of the hits and misses of the season. For this episode, we cover many of the new animes we didn’t cover in the previous podcast.

This episode’s members: Requiem, DocKev, Hybridmink, and Thatsmapizza; Thatsmapizza is handling the editing this time as well.

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Intro: 0:00–3:10

Demon Slayers Mugen Train: 3:11–6:21

Heike Monogatari: 6:22–12:00

Komi-San Can’t Communicate: 12:01–15:24

Blue Period: 15:25–17:50

Ranking of Kings: 17:51–23:06

Sakugan: 23:07–24:16

Tesla Note: 24:17–28:26

The Great Jahy Won’t be Defeated: 28:27–32:37

Mushoku Tensei S2: 32:38–36:57

Yuki Yuna is a Hero S3: 36:58–40:01

Irina — The Vampire Cosmonaut: 40:02–42:16

News, Macross Coming to Theaters: 42:17–44:12

New, Vtuber Growth: 44:13–48:14

News, Nichijou coming back: 48:15–51:16

News, Animes getting a new season: 51:17–56:49

Violet Evergarden: 56:50–1:02:00

The Guyver — The Bioboosted Armor: 1:02:01–1:07:48

Mega Man X: 1:07:49–1:12:23

Nagi no Asukara: 1:12:24 — End

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