AniTAY Podcast S6 E19: If You Were an Anime, Would You Rewatch Yourself?

thatsma pizza
Dec 1, 2021 · 2 min read

Would you watch an anime about yourself more than once? Our podcast considers this existential question and much more in this week’s podcast.

This episode’s members: Hybridmink, TGRIP, Requiem and Doctorkev, with Thatsmapizza handling the editing duties.

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: 0:00–1:01

TGRIP, Digimon Tamers Article: 1:02–2:35

AniTAY Early Impression Articles: 2:36–4:32

Seasonal Shows

Vampire Cosmonaut: Irina: 4:33–8:27

Violet Evergarden (Movie): 8:28–10:36

Blue Period: 10:37–15:45

Heike Monogatari: 15:46–20:01

A.M.A.I.M Warrior at the Borderline: 20:02–24:05

Rumble Garanndoll: 24:06–26:51

Aquatope on White Sand: 26:52–31:45

Ranking of Kings: 31:46–37:39

Digimon Ghost Game: 37:40–40:01

Ganbare Douki-Chan: 40:02–41:59

Takt op.Destiny: 42:00–44:11


Attack on Titan Merchandise: 44:12–46:05

New Fate Spin Off Anime: 46:06–49:59

Ali Band’s Drummer is Arrested: 50:00–51:05

Toei Animation Toxic Workplace: 51:06–55:29

Topic of the week: Would you rewatch an anime?: 55:30–1:34:50

Ending: 1:34:51 — End

You can find TGRIP’s digimon article here.

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