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AniTAY Podcast S7 E10: You Won’t Believe It’s Almost Summer

Between all the anime this season and killing time with games, Spring is at a close! Here’s AniTAY’s final discussion of the Spring anime!

This episode’s members: Hybridmink, Doctorkev, Thatsmapizza and Requiem with Thatsmapizza handling the editing duties.

The AniTAY Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast brought to you every other Wednesday. It is available on all your favorite podcast services! If you like us, be sure to subscribe on your favorite service and give us 5 stars! Your support is much appreciated and will help us grow and continue to provide this style of content.


Intro: 0:00–1:05

Housekeeping: 1:06–3:31

Seasonal Shows:

Vampire in the Garden: 3:32–6:13

Birdie Wing: 6:14–12:36

Shenmue: 12:37–15:44

Dance Dance Danseur: 15:45–19:00

The World of Otomoe Game is Tough for Mobs: 19:01–22:44

The Heart of Ninja Tsubaki: 22:45–23:33

Dawn of the Witch: 23:34–25:25

I’m Quitting Heroing: 25:26–28:31

Aharen-San: 28:32–30:31

Love Live: 30:32–31:50

Ghost in the Shell 2045: 31:51–37:23

Yah Boy Kongming: 37:24–41:17

News: 41:18–58:56

Topic of the Week, The best shows of Spring 2022: 58:57 — End

Missed the previous episode of the AniTAY Podcast? Check it out here:




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