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Anime: The Final Frontier. While in the past few years there hasn’t been a lot of space anime, that won’t stop us from looking back and waxing poetically about our favorites! We also talked about news and shows from this season, like usual.
This episode’s members: DocKev, Hybridmink, Reikaze, Requiem with Reikaze handling the editing duties.

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Intro 0:00:00–0:01:08

Housekeeping 0:01:08–0:05:31

What We’ve Been Watching

The Maid I Hired Recently is Mysterious 0:05:31–0:10:35

RWBY 0:10:35–0:19:28

Maid in Abyss S2 0:22:19–0:22:37

Summertime Rendering 0:22:37–0:31:39

Vermeil in Gold 0:31:39–0:33:50

Spriggan 0:33:50–0:37:20

Call of the Night 0:37:20–0:41:11

Shadow House 0:41:11–0:44:01


One-Punch Man Anime Gets 3rd Season 0:44:01–0:49:51

Without Warning, HBO Max To Slash Dozens Of Animated Series From Its Service 0:49:51–0:56:07

Space Channel 5, Comix Zone Games Get Film Adaptations in Sega, Picturestart Partnership 0:56:07–1:02:01

Section 23 Films to Release Gainax’s Wings of Honneamise Film’s 4K Remaster 1:02:01–1:06:48

Topic of the Week: Favorite Anime that takes place in Space? 1:06:48–1:43:29

End 1:43:30–1:44:49

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