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AniTAY Podcast S7 E5: Welcome to our new Crunchyroll Overlords

In business, you either live or form a monopoly. After much time, Crunchyroll has become the new anime overlord. I for one welcome them.

This episode’s members: Hybridmink, Gugsy, Requiem and Doctorkev, with Thatsmapizza handling the editing duties.

The AniTAY Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast brought to you every other Wednesday. It is available on all your favorite podcast services! If you like us, be sure to subscribe on your favorite service and give us 5 stars! Your support is much appreciated and will help us grow and continue to provide this style of content.


Intro: 0:00–1:11

Housekeeping: 1:12–5:26

Seasonal Shows:

Love of Kill: 5:27–8:20

Eighty Six: 8:21–13:02

Akebi’s Sailor Uniform: 13:03–18:42

Ranking of Kings: 18:43–24:44

MegaMan (Captain N): 24:45–25:58

Princess Connect S2: 25:59–31:13

Rust Eater Bisco: 31:14–37:30

Shenmue: 37:31–40:34

My Dress Up Darling: 40:35–44:34

News: 44:35–1:02:50

Topic of the Week (Good looking shows that are bad): 1:02:51–1:32:01

Outro: 1:32:02 — End

Missed the previous episode of the AniTAY Podcast? Check it out here:

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