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AniTAY Podcast S7 E9: A Wild Protonstorm Appears!

Trapped inside a hotel in Taiwan, we have the grand return of Protonstorm! and an Umrguy! To talk about Japan, and maybe a bit of anime here and there!

Note: This podcast was recorded on May 28th, 2022, before the news about Ogletree Deakins came in.

This episode’s members: Protonstorm, Requiem, Reikaze, Umrguy with Reikaze handling the editing duties.

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Intro 0:00:00–0:03:25

Housekeeping 0:03:25–0:10:54

Seasonal Shows
Kaguya-sama: Love is War -Ultra Romantic- 0:10:54–0:19:19
SPY×FAMILY 0:19:19–0:27:17
I’m Quitting Heroing 0:27:17–0:32:25
A Couple of Cuckoos 0:32:25–0:38:17
Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie 0:38:17–0:42:59

Japan opens up to foreign tourists after two years* 0:42:59–0:56:10
Fathom Events to Screen Macross Frontier Anime Films in U.S. in June 0:56:10–1:02:56
Seven Seas Releases Statement on Worker’s Union 1:02:56–1:11:48
KONOSUBA Anime Rejoices with Season 3 Confirmation, New Visual Reveal 1:11:48–1:16:44
Speed Racer Gets New Live-Action Series at Apple by J.J. Abrams 1:16:44–1:19:07
Adult Swim Announces Rick and Morty: The Anime, Ninja Kamui Anime 1:19:07–1:20:14

Topic of the Week: Terrible Tropes
Protonstorm 1:09:48–1:24:57
Reikaze 1:24:57–1:32:05
Umrguy 1:32:05–1:35:46
Requiem 1:35:46–1:46:01

End 1:46:01–1:47:32

Missed the previous episode of the AniTAY Podcast? Check it out here:

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Kevin Mai - Reikaze

Kevin Mai - Reikaze

VN, Anime and Tech Enthusiast! Reikaze Rambles, Writer for @AniTAYOfficial, formerly also @NoisyPixelNews. AKA @RockmanDash12

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