AniTAY Podcast S8 E3: Amorous Congress

thatsma pizza
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1 min readMar 1


The gang gets back together to debate the merits of romcoms of this season.

This episode’s members: Requiem, Raitzeno, DJNipah and DocKev with Thatsmapizza handling the editing duties.

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Intro: 0:00–3:26

Housekeeping: 3:27–9:05

News: 9:06–29:53

Seasonal Shows:

Chilling in My 30s: 29:54–38:29

Miss Nagatoro S2: 38:30–42:37

Tomo Chan is a Girl: 42:38–50:21

Danmachi S4: 42:38–50:21

Nier Automata: 50:22–1:06:00

Call of the Night: 1:06:01–1:10:32

Gundam Witch from Mercury: 1:10:33–1:21:17

Question of the Week — Romance Anime: 1:21:18–1:52:20

Outro: 1:52:21 — end

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