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AniTAY Podcast S8 E4: Attack on Titan Season 40 Final Mix Championship Edition Part 2 Section A

It’s anime awards season and the AniTAY crew discusses the award winners along with some seasonal anime.

This episode’s members: Requiem, Hybridmink, Thatsmapizza and DocKev with Thatsmapizza handling the editing duties.

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Intro: 0:00–1:17

Housekeeping: 1:18–6:01

Seasonal Shows:

Demon Slayer Movie: 6:02–12:18

Tale of the Outcasts: 12:19–18:41

My Hero Academia S6: 18:42–22:25

Tomo-Chan is a Girl: 22:26–24:39

Revenger: 24:40–30:36

Handyman Saito: 30:37–39:21

To Your Eternity S2: 39:22–44:49

Trigun Stampede: 44:50–49:39

Bite Size Impressions on Multiple Shows: 49:40–57:10

Crunchyroll Awards: 57:11–1:05:36

News — Other News: 1:05:37–1:20:25

Question of the Week — Reasons for Dropping Anime: 1:20:26–1:42:56

Outro: 1:42:57 — End

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