AniTAY Podcast Season 5 Episode 18: Waiting for IRL Waifus

Nov 19 · 2 min read
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The AniTAY Podcast is back for the first time since our transfer to Medium. This episode was actually recorded in the final days of our kinja blog, but we managed to avoid chatting too much about what at the time felt like our impending doom. Regular member DilKokoro stepped into the host chair to lead our intrepid anime explorers as we break down the latest in Fall 2020 season anime, upcoming sequel (prequel?) announcements, and even our favorite anime couples. Please give this episode a listen to show your support! Every view counts!!

This episode’s members: DilKokoro, Requiem, DocKev, Stinolez, Reikaze

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Itinerary (Time Stamps)

Intro: 0:00:00–0:01:23


Hellsing Ultimate: 0:01:23–0:02:35

Higurashi: 0:02:35–0:03:40

Halloween Shitpost: 0:03:40–0:04:34

DecaDence: 0:04:34–0:08:50

AniList: 0:08:23–0:08:23

What We’ve Been Watching

Kuma³ Bear: 0:12:18–0:18:30

Day I Became God: 0:18:30–0:23:11

Tonikawa: 0:23:11–0:31:40

Wandering Witch: 0:31:40–0:36:48


Promised Neverland S2 Upcoming Release: 0:36:48–0:41:44

Sword Art Online Progressive Anime: 0:41:44–0:49:14

Topic of the Week

Anime Couples: 0:49:14–1:08:10

Ending: 1:08:10–1:14:09

Thanks to Reikaze for their work editing this episode of the podcast!

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