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AniTAY Podcast Season 7 Episode 4: A Nier Miss And Other Terrible Puns

Even when we think we’ve talked about everything a season has to offer, the AniTAY Podcast has the will and finds a way to talk about anime for an hour and a half. Join our motley crew as we talk about terrible things happening, bad anime, and Raitzeno making bad jokes every 5 seconds!

This week’s Members: DoctorKev, Raitzeno, Reikaze and Requiem, with Reikaze handling the editing duties.

The AniTAY Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast brought to you every other Wednesday. It is available on all your favorite podcast services! If you like us, be sure to subscribe on your favorite service and give us 5 stars! Your support is much appreciated and will help us grow and continue to provide this style of content.

Time Stamps

Intro 0:00:00–0:01:29

Housekeeping 0:01:29–0:02:59
DocKev’s Articles 0:02:32-0:12:23

NieR:Automata Action RPG Gets TV Anime 0:12:50–0:15:52
Chaos;Child, Chaos;Head ‘Double Pack’ English Release Teased 0:15:52–0:21:17
Cover Corp. Announces Termination of VTuber Uruha Rushia’s Contract 0:21:17–0:26:42
Spice & Wolf Fantasy Novels Get New Anime 0:26:42–0:29:34
Yaoi Paddle Kickstarter Aims to Revitalize Anime Fandom History 0:29:34–0:31:30
Konjiki no Gash/Zatch Bell! Manga Gets New Series in Mid-March 0:31:30–0:35:09

Shows (& Not Shows)
My Dress-Up Darling 0:35:09–0:41:19
How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Part 2 0:41:19–0:44:20
Life With an Ordinary Guy Who Reincarnated Into a Total Fantasy Knockout (& In the Land of Leadale) 0:44:20–0:49:23
The Orbital Children 0:49:23–0:53:56
Sabikui Bisco 0:53:56–0:56:55
Dawn of X (Comic) 0:56:55–1:02:59
Frieren of the Funeral (Manga) 1:02:59 -1:06:52
Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games Is Tough for Mobs (Manga) 1:06:52 -1:09:32

Topic of the Week: Best Anime That Looks Terrible
DocKev 1:09:32- 1:19:11
Raitzeno 1:19:11- 1:23:32
Reikaze 1:23:32 -1:30:15
Requiem 1:30:15 - 1:39:40

Ending 1:39:40–1:41:12

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