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Barbie: The Action Anime — Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 review

Barbie gets ghost-hacked while brain-diving. Should have switched to Autistic Mode.
Major Motoko Kusanagi and her Section 9 buddies get ready to kick some android ass.
One of Togusa’s first lines. He knows what kind of mess he’s in.
“Ghost-dubbing” machines from the original manga, also appear in the movie Innocence. A disturbing concept.
Kusanagi in the new show. She can get away with looking like she’s younger than last time because she has a synthetic body and can look however the hell she wants to look. Not so all the other characters.
Kusanagi’s first appearance during this scene in volume 1 of the manga
Got some rare things on sale, stranger!
Iconic image from the 1995 movie, before Oshii f***ed around with it
Just… no.
This is a stone-cold anime classic, miles better than the movie IMHO
The core Section 9 team.
ARISE: slightly different character designs, but not much else
Gynoid Death Maids. You know that with the advent of cybernetic technology, the existence of these will be inevitable. Surrender to the future.
Togusa and his terrible plastic hair. And plastic face. And rigid expression. He’s meant to be the most human one, you know.
Another shot of Togusa and his shiny, shiny hair.
The Major and Batou are one of my favourite anime (non)couples
This dude is pretty creepy, and still a formidable enemy even with half a brain. Don’t expect any explanation of his goals or motivations (yet)
Gratuitous Barbie crotch-shot, in the opening sequence no less. Pure filth. Don’t worry, there’s a bad guy Ken doll later on who is similarly genitalia-less, if you’re into that kind of thing.



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