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Can Beautiful Music and Visuals Substitute for Substance? Mamoru Hosoda’s Belle Review

I’m not sure why everyone keeps complaining about her freckles in the movie. Freckles are cute, aren’t they?
“Welcome to U. They all float, Georgie, and when you’re down here with me, you’ll float, too”
Suzu, a girl drifting through a melancholy life
Suzu brain-dives, Ghost in the Shell-style
Suzu first encounters her new “Bell” persona. At least they gave her human limbs rather than tentacles, unlike some of the other poor sods
A great opener
Definitely the standout song
Online gossip and conspiracy theories will probably always be with us…
Would you trust this monster with the cultivation of your online persona?
It does look like it’s going to be a romance, doesn’t it? But it’s more about compassion than “love”
The online world crumbles around Bell. It’s probably meant to be dramatic, but I felt this development had little emotional weight behind it.
Bell submits to Justice By Doxxing, because we all know that’s the best way to combat child abuse
Oh no — it’s like Reddit, but even worse
For some reason, Promare’s Kray Foresight turns up as a bad guy in this
Belle’s stunning art direction almost makes up for its ultimately hollow story
Faced with a choice, should you watch or skip Belle? I’d still very much recommend it, for the experience if nothing else. Pink-haired anime girls are the future, after all.
Suzu learns that one should never, ever, ever put the name of your online avatar into a porn site search engine



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