Casting Call for AniTAY-LIVE First Generation!

Have you always wanted to be an anime girl? Are you aggressively mediocre at video games? Do you want to go from being a simp to a simpee? Then you’re in luck!

AniTAY is looking for two hardworking, dedicated, and lonely people to become the inaugural members of AniTAY-LIVE, our all-new (and totally not desperate attempt at relevancy) VTuber division! Applicants must have a passion for all things anime, video games, money, and eating food too close to the microphone. If you have a pre-made and pre-rigged VTuber character ready to roll, be aware that AniTAY can and will repurpose, change, and otherwise take ownership of that character to abide by our brand’s standards of excellence and memery.

If you think you have what it takes to join the deadly, cutthroat, and entirely oversaturated VTuber market, keep reading for information on how to apply!

AniTAY-LIVE represents a new frontier for our historic blog and we couldn’t be more excited to share this new venture with you all. Stay tuned for a revamped podcast format where we discuss YouTube drama, sports highlights, and dedicate an entire section every week to analyzing the eternally analyzable Val X Love! Keep on the lookout, as well, for AniFIELD, our dedicated Garfield sub-blog, and AniTOY, where we review the latest and greatest in children’s toys!

Interested applicants must send their credentials, resume, cover letter, three references, birth certificate, social security number, Costco membership, Nintendo Network ID, and a lock of their hair to by midnight April 1st, 2022.

Please note that all proceeds from Superchats and simp donations will be used to fund Kinksy’s post-EX-ARM therapy.

AniTAY retains all rights to AniTAY-LIVE-created characters, visuals, music, lore, merchandise, and memes.


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