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Doctorkev’s Autumn 2022 Anime Postmortem: Crunchyroll

Purin does the best pouts. I love this tsundere girl to bits.
I just love the faintly horrified look on Purin’s face.
Behold Chad Mob. This is honestly hilarious.
All hail our anxiety-driven rock queen! Her head is full of bees!
Sure, they’re not into each other at all. Sure…
Wholesomeness… overload…
They’re both so cute in their formal wear.
If only the rest of this season was as cool as this image.
Epic battles aplenty.
I like this new, wild, starey-eyed girl.



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Physician. Obsessed with anime, manga, comic-books. Husband and father. Christian. Fascinated by tensions between modern culture and traditional faith. Bit odd.