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Doctorkev’s Autumn 2022 Anime Postmortem: HIDIVE and Netflix

You can serve me omurice any time, Ranko.
Nagomi and Ranko — best buddies… *sob*
The original anime love triangle.
Despite all appearances, this one is worth sticking with.
Probably best not to make the huge-sword-wielding cat-girl angry.
Blushing and bubbles galore… but a successful shojo adaptation also needs decent characters and an interesting plot, and unfortunately by the end, this did not…
Cid Kagenou wins the award for most off-putting protagonist of 2022.
The middle guy makes me think of the Sandman’s Morpheus if he dyed his hair lighter.
So how many of these guys do you think will survive until the final episode? The answer may surprise you…
Cute little girls. Anime Horror. This isn’t going to go well, is it?



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