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Doctorkev’s Summer 2021 Anime Postmortem Part 1 — Sequels/Continuing Shows

Welcome to another blood-soaked anime celebration
Kisaki is a great bad guy. I hope we get a second season so we can learn what his deal is.
Best date episode ever. So sweet!
Rimuru’s righteous fury unleashed (not as a war crime this time).
If you meet someone who stares at you like how Hayase stares at Fushi, you should run the hell away too.
Their respective facial expressions tell you everything you need to know about their relationship.
It’s like anime cockfighting but with heavily armed grade schoolers.
Katarina with her one true love — sweets.
The show seems to be doing something vaguely interesting and meta with anime-only character Kuroe
Biggest WTF??? moment ever. Amazing.



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