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Doctorkev’s Summer 2021 Anime Postmortem Part 2 — New Shows

If you watch as much anime as I’ve done lately, your eyes will also sparkle like this. It hurts. The sparkling hurts and it never stops. Please help me.
So… turns out Frau isn’t really a bunny girl. She looks kinda demonic now. She’s still the best character.
It’s lovely, bobbing along,
Bobbing along on the bottom of the beautiful briny sea
So, whose dream will Kyouya destroy next?
Fena tries to work out what the purpose of her show actually is. After hours of quiet contemplation, all she’s got is “don’t it look pretty, though?”
Best Anime Couple of 2021, hands down.
A rare moment of calorific reward for the hapless Jahy
This will be one of those shows that really pushes the tension between the leads to breaking point without actually committing. This isn’t BL, but you’d be forgiven for thinking it was.
Yes, ultimately some of the main characters are animals. No, please don’t ask me to explain any of this.
Sarasa Watanabe is pure, concentrated sunbeam energy



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Physician. Obsessed with anime, manga, comic-books. Husband and father. Christian. Fascinated by tensions between modern culture and traditional faith. Bit odd.