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Doctorkev’s Thoughts on the Autumn 2022 Anime Season: Netflix, HIDIVE and Disney+

Rejoice! Lum, the OG waifu has returned!
Kotetsu and Barnaby demonstrate the power of teamwork. A lot.
Anzu’s had just about enough of the little orange wizard’s shit. He receives so much physical punishment from her it’s a wonder he’s still alive.
These guys really need to get out there and catch some sunlight. Vitamin D deficient, the lot of them.
Some isekai protagonists are easy to root for. This guy… not so much.
Isn’t she just adorable with her ickle wickle ears and massive f***-off sword?
We have reached Peak Blonde
High school student Ataru is perverted scum (who occasionally lets slip he has hidden depths) and levitating alien princess Lum is too good for him, but loves him unconditionally anyway. Together they are a nexus for weirdness and insane hijinks.
Happy happy jolly maid time yay!
What is going on here? Scratch that — I don’t want to know.



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