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Doctorkev’s Thoughts on the Spring 2022 Anime Season: Netflix and HIDIVE

Hurry up and release Summertime Rendering, Disney Plus, or the girl gets it.
As expected from Wit Studio, Bubble is very pretty.
Rather than overblown superheroics, Tiger & Bunny’s strengths come in its quieter, character-building moments.
And the award for this season’s Most Googliest of Eyes goes to… Komi!
Something about the kid’s dead slit eyes gives me the creeps. This is probably deliberate.
Hopefully Purin, my favourite new character to hate, dies horribly and early in season 2’s runtime.
Against all odds, Prisma Illya got really good once they ditched the ick factor in season 4.
Ex-hero and various goofy demon-types.
Shamiko, Momo, Mikan and Lillith, blurring the lines between demon and magical girls.
Famed strategist Zhuge Liang (Kongming) displays historically accurate attire. Mostly.
Eiko is a really sweet character. You want her to succeed.
This show is fantastic. Go watch it.
Mmmm. Squishy.



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