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Doctorkev’s Thoughts on the Winter 2021 Anime Season Part 2: Funimation

You will watch my anime or I will squeam and squeam and squeam until I make myself sick. Or I’ll kick you in the face until you cry.
Rika and Satoko’s happy school days. Sure, like that’s going to last.
Two worlds clash — but perhaps not in the way we hoped they might
Biology! Medicine! Education! Bloody, wanton violence!
Female Darth Sidious, a less misanthropic Hachiman Hikigaya and blue-haired Duracell Bunny
These White Blood Cells certainly have a certain… oomph about them
Belt girl is about the only vaguely interesting character, and even then she’s a stereotypical cypher.
Sorawo Kamikoshi and Toriko Nishina cling to each other for dear life — or for something more?
Each girl wields a stationery-based weapon. Why, I have no idea.
I can’t even label this with a funny caption. I hate this hateful filth.



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Physician. Obsessed with anime, manga, comic-books. Husband and father. Christian. Fascinated by tensions between modern culture and traditional faith. Bit odd.