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Doctorkev’s Thoughts on the Winter 2023 Anime Season: New Shows

It’s Trigun, it’s 3DCG. Suck it up, purists — it’s great.
When she blushes, your heart will melt… She blushes a lot.
Yeah, you’re MY wife now!
Actual scene of Anisphia “aquiring” Euphyllia
Oh dear
Forget the main characters — I like these guys more.
The guy to the left is called Roberto De Niro — honestly!
Ririha and Kaina, Orbital Spire Trees and The Canopy in the background.
Devola and Popola! I love these girls!
“Use this internet thing to buy me MORE MEAT, puny human.”
Hmmm. The jury’s out on this one.
Serious dude. Serious anime? No idea, I fell asleep.
The fact that this involves slavery really puts me off. I was burned by Shield Hero — never again.



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