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Doctorkev’s Thoughts on the Winter 2023 Anime Season: Sequels and Ongoing Shows

Hina’s back in Tokyo Revengers! I don’t know how she puts up with Takemichi’s nonsense. (Spoiler: she doesn’t.)
Einar has the best facial expressions.
Honestly I just want to punch his stupid smug face.
Traumatised Elf Girl gets a lot of screentime this season. I’m not complaining.
Lum doesn’t just look good in a tigerskin bikini… She gets lots of outfit changes now.
That’s a… really weird new power, Midoria.
Any excuse to get Iruma into drag, the show accepts with aplomb.
Om nom nom nom. So cute!
Taiju beats his siblings for fun, probably also eats puppies raw.
The anime must be top-tier, because it now features a pink-haired princess.
On this week’s episode of “Watch With Mother”…
Ushio — absolute best girl.
Hey — it’s not good to punch girls, even if they’re terminally annoying gremlins.



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