Scar on the Praeter: AniTAY First Impressions

Jan 21 · 5 min read
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I know Go Hands has a bad reputation, thanks to Hand Shakers and W’Z, but I seriously love the K Project franchise so I came into Scar on the Praeter willing to give this a chance. Also, the storyline sounded interesting.

Boy, was I disappointed to find that this is just a more budget version of K; only this time, we don’t have a naked cat girl, tiny goth Lolita girl, nor a super busty cop for fanservice to attract the male audience.

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The basic plotline is this: Yamato lives with his brother from another mother(they’re not related, apparently) in the Akatsuki Special Zone after an incident devastated Tokyo years ago. Needless to say, the area is rundown, crime-ridden, and a shadow of what it once was, with gangs and the ensuing violence largely running the zone. Some of these gangs have certain individuals with magical tattoos called Scards.; These Scards protect the wearer from harm, especially from the far-too-many bullets that are constantly being shot during each episode. One of these gang members is the Hero of Akatsuki, Eiji Arashiba. His tattoo is Cerberus, the famous dog of Greek Mythology, and he saves Yamato one day after an incident where Yamato saves a kid (because the kid is just THERE and never seen again. Maybe they pop up in the future).

Arashiba is the head of Helios. Helios has a surprisingly cute bookstore/cafe that sticks out in this decrepit area, and it’s run by Arashiba’s brother and another Helios member. Arashiba also has no character other than looking hot and badass. The only difference between him and Yamato is that Arashiba has darker hair. But there are other groups involved, too: Dusk seems to be the villains of this show so far, but there’s also Artemis, who will probably team up with Helios.

Just as the first episode nears its conclusion, Arashiba gets killed off, saving Yamato; but, before he dies, he gives Yamato his tattoo. And that takes care of the first episode. The second episode gives us more glimpses of some of the other gangs and a huge info dump on the events that lead to the creation of the Special Zone. We’re also introduced to more new characters:; a military duo that offers Yamato a job with their group or suffer the consequences that involve Yamato’s little brother, a duo that I think is working with Helios, and we get a deeper introduction to Arashiba’s brother Kazuma, whose power is wielding a sword and being a hot-head.

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I think I’m done with the show after these two episodes. It barely held my interest during the second episode,. the main character is so bland and has no meat to him thus far, and the plotline is silly and throws every excuse to just put hot guys together fighting. However, that’s not my biggest gripe with the series.

Let’s talk about the animation first:

GoHands is a studio that’s known for combining 2D animation with CG. The only previous work I’ve seen of theirs is K Project and its two movies and, while I’m no animation expert, to me the animation, other than a few kinks, the animation in that series seemed fine to me, other than a few kinks.

In Praeter, the CG animation stands out too much, making the movement look clunky. I have no problem with CG animation; after all, I like series such as Love Live and IDOLISH7 which both combine regular 2D animation and while using CG for the performance scenes Sometimes, I don’t even know when CG is being used in other series because to me, it looks flawless. Praeter looks too obvious and jarring with where the 2D ends and the CG begins. Even the character design looks off; some characters’ eyes are as big as their heads. Everyone looks the same too, with hair color being the only mark of telling who’s who.

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So, for those that just want some action and pretty people fighting, take a pass on Scar on the Praeter for now. There’s plenty of dumb, goofy, and fun action anime to look at, along with pretty people fighting, that are so much better than this garbage.

Based on: original work by GoHands(K Project/Handshakers)

Produced by: GoHands

Streaming on: Funimation

Episodes Watched: Two so far

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