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If Studio Ghibli Produced Saw: Made In Abyss Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Review

Yes, this show has bunny people. No, they don’t like to be stroked.
Riko is headstrong and brave — she knows what she wants.
Reg and Riko — our intrepid duo at the start of their adventure, so far unmutilated.
Tell me this isn’t normal in Japanese society?
The beautifully depicted city of Orth overhangs The Abyss
I love the unbridled imagination and striking design of some of the deeper areas of the Abyss — here is the fourth layer “The Goblets of Giants”.
The loveable “Orby”. If you value your limbs, don’t pet him.
Umm, yeah… Your arm’s not meant to look like that.
This gross piece of Abyss-tech kind-of protects whatever is inside it from the effect of the curse. Or at least resurrects it after it dies horrifically first.
Ozen is not a nice person. If your teacher treats you like this kids, tell another adult.
Despite appearances, I don’t think Marulk is meant to be a girl.
Never ever trust shady black-clad helmeted dudes when they start speaking like this. They do not have your best interests at heart.
This scene shows how dark and callous Bondrewd’s actions are. Honestly, the result of this is so messed up.
Does this look like a kid’s anime to you? Does it?
I love Nanachi, she(?) totally speaks her(?) mind
Nanachi and Mitty before
Mitty after — immortal, unkillable and eternally suffering. Have I mentioned before how nightmarishly messed up this is?
If this scene doesn’t emotionally distress you, then you are already dead inside.
This is the Idofront on the charmingly named “Sea of Corpses” — the fifth layer of The Abyss. This is where they’re headed towards at the end of the series. It’s a dramatic, foreboding design.
The story continues in these volumes of the manga — this is everything currently available in print right now.
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