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If The Terminator Was Hatsune Miku: Sing a Bit of Harmony Review

AI singer Shion Ashimori
Image from one of the director’s previous movies, Time of Eve.
It’s ok, no anime girls get violated by monstrous AI abominations in this. You can open your eyes!
The robots… don’t want to kill us? Why not? We’re anime teens!
Scene from the English dub. The version I watched was subbed.
This is a pretty normal reaction to seeing your new, pretty, female classmate eject her hard drives in public
If you can find someone who grapples you like Shion grapples Thunder, never let them go.
From this song comes the movie’s main theme — both musically, and emotionally
One of Satomi’s big emotional scenes, this is gorgeously-animated with incredible use of deep, vibrant colour.
The myriad trashbots bid you sweet dreams, fragile meaty fleshbags. Enjoy the peace. Soon your time will end.



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